Sally Kellerman
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Role   -   Voice actress
Character   -   Principal Stark
Date of birth   -   June 2, 1937

Sally Claire Kellerman is an American actress. She voices Principal Stark on the show, Unsupervised.

Willowy and statuesque, two words that describe leading lady Sally Kellerman. Sally, who most recently played "Dorothy" in the independent film Night Club playing opposite Ernest Borgnine, studied acting at Actors Studio West with Jeff Corey, Shirley Knight, Dean Stockwell and Jack Nicholson. It was in 1959 when Sally made her film debut in Reform Girl. In the 1960's, she built up her résumé with offbeat performances on TV series such as Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre, Slattery's People and It Takes a Thief. In 1968 Sally starred as "Diane Cluney," the only surviving victim of Albert DeSalvo's in the Boston Strangler. It was 1970 when Sally found her breakthrough role, a part she almost turned down due to the script of her character. That role was of "Major Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houllihan" in Robert Altman's M*A*S*H*. Sally earned both an Oscar® and Golden Globe® nomination and won a Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award and a Golden Laurel Award for her performance.

Sally continued working with Robert Altman in his next film Brewster McCloud in which she starred as the adventurous and socially awkward fairy-godmother of "Bud Cort." In 1972, Sally starred as a chain-smoking, sex addicted and very angry one-night stand of Alan Arkin's in Gene Sak's The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, starring opposite Paula Prentiss and Renee Taylor. In 1976 Sally starred alongside Lauren Hutton and Sissy Spacek in Robert Altman's Welcome to LA. In 1980 she starred in Foxes as "Mary," the mother of a young Jody Foster, and in 1986 she starred as the love interest of Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School. In 1994 Sally teamed up with a superstar cast of Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, Julia Roberts, Marcello Mastroianni and Tim Robbins in Robert Altman's Pret-a-Porter.

Sally has built up quite the impressive résumé, however, following a new career in her long time passion, singing. In 2009 Sally released her first album since her 1969 debut album, "Rollin with the Feelin'," called "Sally." Today Sally continues to tour her cabaret act around the country including Los Angeles and New York City. Her richly modulated, seductively velvety voice has also been put to good use in much voice-over work as well, with the Wall Street Journal calling Sally "The Queen of Voice Overs."

Most recently Sally was seen on television on episodes of Law & Order, 90210 and Cinemax's Chemistry. With over 90 films and numerous television shows under her belt, today Sally Kellerman continues to be one of Hollywood's hardest working actors.

Sally lives in Los Angeles with her husband, producer Jonathan Krane.