Season 1, Episode 1
Production Code: XUN01001
Written by
David Hornsby
Scott Marder
Rob Rosell
First Aired: January 19, 2012
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Rich Girl

Pilot is the series premiere of the the animated show Unsupervised.


In the opener of this animated comedy about two teen best friends with no parental supervision, Gary and Joel want to hook up with girls but realize that they're considered just kids, so they set out to change that image.


The episode starts with Gary telling Joel about his dream of them last night dancing, and with girls kissing them all over. While on the roof, Joel asks Gary about his stepmom knowing that they're building a lightning rod on the roof. Gary tells him that she's at the shore the whole week and that she doesn't know what's going on. Joel says he thinks it's cool that Gary has the house to himself almost all the time. Gary says that he thinks the lightning rod needs more metal. Joel then says that maybe Russ could pick some up after school. Just after Joel says the word "school", Gary remembers they're late for it. Joel jumps into the bush. When they get to school, they witness a fight between Jojo Vanetti and Rob Ashman. A boy tells them that the boy, Rob went 69 on Jojo's sister. Now Jojo's beating him up. Gary and Joel kept rooting for Jojo until he got tasered by the Janitor. In the cafeteria, they tell Darius about what happened.

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