Joel Zymanski
First appearance "Pilot"
Voiced by David Hornsby
Age 15
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Nationality White
Occupation Student
Personal Life
Friends Gary, Darius, Megan, and Danielle.
Family Unknown Father and Mother. Brian (Brother).

Joel Zymanski is the deuteragonist in the animated series Unsupervised. Throughout the series, Joel and his best friend, Gary, try to navigate through teenage life, whilst also trying to do the right thing without the help of any parental supervision. He is voiced by David Hornsby.


Joel is one of Gary's best friends. He's about 15 years old. Has yellow hair, eyebrows, and brown eyes. Him and Gary invite Christina, who is Gary's neighbor, Martin's daughter, and her friend, Rachel to Gary's house for a party. At the party, Joel sees Danielle crying saying all boys think about are boobs like hers. Joel tells her about what Megan said about boobs only being "mounds of fat". When Gary goes to check on Joel, he is seen drinking her breast milk. Joel claims to be intolerant of people, due to Joel having a hatred for his older brother Brian.