Voiced by Kaitlin Olson
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Nationality White
Occupation Student
Personal Life

Danielle, also known as "Rocket Tits" by Joel and Gary, is a supporting character in the animated show Unsupervised. In a preview, Joel is seen drinking her breast milk. She is voiced by Kaitlin Olson.


Danielle is around 15 years old. She has brown hair, eyebrows, and brown eyes. She is best friends with Megan and likes hang out with juniors, probably because she has big boobs.

In the episode "The Magic of Science", it is revealed by the psychic Bruce Lindsey that Danielle was the one who scrawled "Fire Crotch" on Megan's locker as a taunt about her red pubic hair. Danielle admits to it and says it was in retaliation for Megan calling her "Lilypad Nipples", but Megan claims she meant that as a compliment. It is revealed that Joel has a crush on her. She and Joel even hooked up at a party at Gary's house but were interrupted by an intoxicated Megan.