First appearance "Pilot"
Voiced by Alexa Vega
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Nationality Hispanic
Occupation Student
Personal Life
Friends Rachel
Family Unknown Mother, Martin (Father)

Christina is a character on the animated show Unsupervised. She is voiced by Alexa Vega.


Christina is the character Martin's, daughter. She's about 15 years old. Drives a red car. And has a friend named Rachel who comes to Gary's place for a party in the Pilot. Christina has brown hair, eyebrows, and brown eyes. She usually wears a pink tanktop and, golden brown hoop earrings. Christina likes to smoke and drink. And is frequently spied on in her room by australian neighbor, Sid. Christina and only Rachel were supposed to come to the party until they texted everyone from their school to come to Gary's place.


  • Played by Alexa Vega.
  • Has a Hispanic accent.
  • Drinks and Smokes.
  • Has a friend named, Rachel.
  • Doesn't listen to her father.
  • Was invited to a party at Gary's house.