First appearance "Rich Girl"
Voiced by Kaitlin Olson
Age 30s or 40S
Gender Female
Hair Dirty Blond
Nationality American
Occupation ?
Personal Life
Family Husband (Gary's dad) and Gary

Carol is a character on the animated show, Unsupervised. She is married to Gary's dad and she is voiced by Kaitlin Olson.


Carol is Gary's stepmom and is likely in her 30s or 40s. She has dirty blond hair, eyebrows, and brown eyes. She first appears in the second episode when Gary and Joel try to set her up with the new rich kid's dad so they could get more money. Carol usually wears a light purple blue shirt, pink sweat pants, and purple slippers. At Gary's party there's a picture of her on the wall, proving that she is in fact his stepmom.


  • Played by Kaitlin Olson.vdfvewrvf
  • Is Gary's stepmom.
  • Fist appears in "Rich Girl".
  • She enjoys video games.