Brian Zymanski
First appearance My Brother Brian
Age 40
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Nationality White
Occupation Prostitution
Personal Life
Friends None
Family Joel (brother)

Brian Zymanski is the antagonist in unsupervised is Joel's lazy meth-head 40-year-old brother who takes eveything from Joel, claiming that it's his. He is a heavy smoker and will occationally have a "kick fight" with Joel. He first appeared in My Brother Brian. \ Brian treats his little brother, Joel, very poorly. He constantly smokes infront of Joel and sometimes smoke on Joel's bed while he's sleeping. Brian and Joel "kick fights" often which Brian is good at because he was in varsity soccer. Gary and Joel decided to follow Brian after he took Joel's bike and found him having anal sex with a man behind a dumpster. When Gary and Joel started to support Brian being gay, Brian claims that he isn't gay and that he is addicted to meth. Brian then says that as long as he gets money, he'll do anything to anyone so he can buy meth. After Joel and Gary had enough with Brian ruining his life with prostitution and drugs, Brian started to feel somewhat bad, so he then sold his varsity jacket to buy Joel a new bike after he sold his old one. He then shows that he still has his old soccer skills that he had in high school. He is currently in jail for resisting arrest.